Monday, October 3, 2011

Dim Sum: Jing Fong

Found: decent dim sum in Chinatown.

For years I ranted about how you just can't find good dim sum Chinatown. But, I was wrong...

Jing Fong is a bit of a tourist trap. But, the dim sum is delicious – albeit expensive. The huge banquet hall is bustling on Sunday mornings. Women wheeling carts and shoving different bamboo trays on your table. Steamed buns, black bean sauce and succulent shrimp instantly make you salivate.

Our favorites: the steamed rice noodles with beef and the congee (rice porridge!)

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  1. i miss those cheesey seafood dishes that come in imitation seashells! and we have to do a trip for flushing dimsum via chinatown van when i return.