Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Amorino Gelato

After a stellar recommendation from a former Parisian and Le Cordon Bleu graduate, we decided to try Amorino Gelato. When we visited last Sunday, this beautiful brick building was bustling with neighborhood locals clammoring for arguably the BEST gelato in New York. Located near 8th Street/NYU, this Parisian transplant beats out the other gelato heavy-hitters. 

Grom on Bleeker is super popular with the tourists. But I never crave it because it's too sweet – and overpriced. Also, the lack-luster flavors are disappointing especially after waiting in that long line. The Upper West Side's Screme is passible when you're craving heavy-hitting American flavors like Jim Beam and Mint-n-Chip. 

But, honestly none of them compare to Amorino's Amarena cherry gelato. It's a revelation!  The texture is super light and creamy with a tart burst of natural cherries and a tinge of liquor. The complementary whipped cream seals the deal.   

Sipping a sublime espresso, while perusing the gelato flavors.

Amarena Cherries make the perfect topping for this super silky and creamy gelato.
Amorino is located at:
60 University Place, New York, NY  10003
(212) 253-5599

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  1. please tell me that the jim bean & mint-n-chip is one combined flavor because i would so be down for that!