Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blue Bottle Coffee

San Francisco-based Blue Bottle Coffee is expanding here in New York. People wait 30 minutes or more just for a Kyoto iced coffee or a perfectly pulled latte. And, the crazy thing is, the barristas' attention to detail really does make this $4.25 cup of coffee worth the wait.

But, if Williamsburg is too far for a caffeine fix. There's good news. Blue Bottle just leaked that there's a midtown location opening at Rockefeller Center. Also, this past Thursday, Vosges SoHo (located on Spring between Wooster and Greene) started carrying Blue Bottle Coffee. Now there's more than one local place to enjoy the Blue(s).

Posing in front of the Williamsburg Blue Bottle

Enjoying a freshly pulled Blue Bottle espresso shot at Vosges SoHo

Coffee brewers at Blue Bottle Williamsburg