Saturday, July 23, 2011

Serious about Sandwiches

I entered a contest on Eater and won two free VIP tickets to the Serious Eats All-Star Sandwich Festival!

My entry into the Eat's All-Star Sandwich Contest: 

Less than a month ago, I quit my job because I wanted to go back into media -- focusing on food journalism.

I'm a former line cook from a Michelin-star award winning restaurant. I love food. After all, it was my livelihood and passion. Although, I cooked for a fine dining crowd, the food that I enjoy the most, like Joey Tribbiani from "Friends" is sandwiches. 

To add to the stress of being unemployed, a week after I left the kitchen, I got engaged. Daniel, my partner of 8 years, is the most considerate person in Manhattan. When I came home each night after working 14 hours on the line, he would always make sure that there was dinner in the fridge. Sometimes it was nothing more than cold fried chicken or Chinese takeout. But, it was the thought none-the-less. Each night as I ate my bounty, I'd always think to myself, Daniel makes me the luckiest person in the world! 

I love sandwiches! Cuban sandwiches, banh mi baguettes, meatball subs, pulled pork, grilled cheese and BLTs -- if it's between two pieces of bread, it's definitely for me! Daniel, on the other hand, doesn't appreciate the fine art of the sandwich. To him, a sandwich is something that you buy on airplanes. A food you're forced to consume only because it's a last resort. 

So, my wish is to unite the two loves in my life: Daniel and sandwiches. And maybe at this year's All-Star Sandwich Festival, my dream will come true. And, it will mark the beginning of a blissful union.  Since I'm still looking for my next gig, funds are limited. And, this is where Eater can save the day! Please send us both to Governors Island on Saturday, July 23rd, so I can show Daniel how lucky we are together.


Full disclosure: I goofed. Daniel and I had an appointment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that took longer than expected. We didn't make it to Governor's Island until 3:30pm. The All-Sandwich Festival ended at 4pm. By the time we obtained our VIP wrist bands, most of the vendors -- ran out of sandwiches and beaten down by the oppressive heat -- had packed up for the day.

Fortunately, a few standouts were serving until the very end. We got a falafel fix from Taim's food truck. Pickles and chips from Rick's Picks. The Big Gay Ice Cream truck was still serving, but the line was 20+ (sweaty) people long. So, we opted for a Mr. Softee instead which we classed-up with a deliciously moist chocolate brownie-like bouchon by Bouchon Bakery

Taim's delectable falafel with spicy chili, cilantro sauce

Boucbon Bakery's chocolate bouchons contain little melted chocolate chips scattered in a rich brownie-like batter

Although I was bummed that Daniel wasn't converted by the magnificence of the Sandwich Fest. He did promise that we could try again next year... and, this time we'll be the first one's in! Also, we spent the rest of the afternoon leisurely riding bikes around Governor's Island. Laughing and joking the whole way. So, maybe we are the lucky ones after all. 

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