Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Salties Sandwiches

Just outside of Manhattan, lies a hipster haven known as Williamsburg. It's a weird mix of Hasidic Jews and too-cool-for-school millennials. But, the one thing that everyone in the neighborhood agrees to: they're all devout patrons of local eats.

Which brings us to Salties, a true neighborhood gem. Located next to Momofuku Milk Bar, this cute sandwich shop offers fresh comfort food in sandwich form. Instantly you're transported to some beachy bedroom community like Montauk. Forget about the sweltering New York pavement, as you pull up a stool looking out the large bay window at the front of the shop. The people watching alone is incredible: mohawks, full-sleeve arm tattoos, and tailored vests -- and that's just the women! 

For me, the focaccia-like bread seals the deal. It's warm and salty. It's soft, but still holds it's own against the contents of each Saltie sandwich. My favorite of the moment is filled with ham, chicken pate, pickles, whole leaves of mint, and cilantro. Accompany that with the refreshing blueberry tea and you'll instantly feel at home. 

Salties is located at 378 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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