Monday, July 6, 2009

Casting Call

During the 2008 Presidential election, Tina Fey reached A-list celebrity status with her look-a-like Sarah Palin impersonation.

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But, that was soooo 15 minutes ago...

So, who's the next pop culture victim/media villain? Ruth Madoff.

Trust me. If they ever make a Madoff parody (uh... which they will), the casting director should definitely enlist the talents of another SNL alumna/Baby Mama co-star: AMY POEHLER

It may seem like a stretch but, check out these two photos:

Image (left): Ruth Madoff, circa July 1981, vacationing in Montauk. As appeared in New York Magazine, July 2, 2009 edition. Photo credit: GI/BM/Getty Image

Amy is a dead ringer for a young Ruthie Madoff!


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  1. how about a palin/madoff movie starring the both of them? the story line will be the following: both unemployed and dead broke, sarah and ruth start a prostitution ring in wasilla and service mostly clients who live in the tundra and use walrus tusks as payment.