Saturday, November 26, 2011

Brunch at DBGB

I'm not going to lie. At first, I scoffed at the idea of eating brunch at Daniel Boulud's DBGB.  I pictured a room filled with too cool downtown hipsters on a brisk Saturday in November and it sounded just awful. But, we had friends visiting from California. And, when you have guests, a part of you wants to wow them. As a New Yorker, you feel somewhat obligated to prove to them that we really know how to eat. The salads and fad diets can stay on the west coast. But, if you're searching for real food, it's here – in New York.

Don't miss the French Toast. 
After taking just one bite, our table-mate exclaimed, "This is the best french toast I've ever eaten!" Once he said that, of course, we all had to try – so all four of us leaned in, and took a bite, "ooohhs" and "yums" erupted from the table. We fell back into our seats and agreed; it was pretty great french toast. Our enthusiasm did not go unnoticed. Upon seeing our reaction, the table next to us ordered french toast – and this was after they already finished two other desserts!

DBGB's French Toast is made with egg-soaked brioche and dusted with powdered sugar. It tastes sweet and buttery; it's exactly how the french toast of your dreams tastes. The texture is what makes it so fabulous. The exterior crunches just slightly (this comes from searing the toast in hot clarified butter) the souffle-like center tastes like sweet custard before it simply melts in your mouth. The dulce de leche caramel on the side sits beneath a heap of chilled fresh fruit. It's a refreshing comfort food-inspired dessert for breakfast!

Charcuterie plate
DBGB is Daniel Boulud's French-American bistro. His kitchen prepares it's own cured meats. This plate features a tasting of pâté, saucisson (cured sausage), rillet, and fromage de tête (head cheese) with sourdough toast

Baked eggs en cocotte with a creamy mushroom mornay (cheese) sauce.  
("en cocotte" refers to the dish that the eggs are cooked in)

The Frenchie burger consists of a dainty 6 oz beef patty with confit pork belly, arugula, spread with tomato-onion compote and morbier cheese in between a peppered brioche bun. Another taste of the bistro: a tiny cornichon and pickled pearl onions on the side.
The bountiful cup of fries were salty and enough to share with the entire table.
(I dipped them into my leftover mornay sauce.)

DBGB is located at:
299 Bowery (between Houston and 1st Streets)
(212) 933-5300


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