Friday, September 30, 2011

Dare We Say, Better Than Ladurée?!

Photo: Daniel Harsadi

After a rave recommendation from a former employee, we tried La Maison du Macaron. We're thrilled to announce that we think that they're better than Ladurée! So for-go the hour long lines uptown and prance straight into this 23rd and 7th Avenue Maison location instead.

If you go, you must try: mango! The bright red macaroon is surprisingly refreshing. (Daniel and I fought for the last bites.) The cookie is moist and crumbles beautifully. And, the filling tastes like juicy fruit preserves!  Second runner up: vanilla?! Yes, we were surprised too! But, the delicious vanilla custard oozed out of the macaroon's edges. Don't fret-–we sopped it all up with the delicate, blond cake-like cookie. I wish I bought more...

Unfortunately, there was a dud in the batch. The Champagne macaroon tasted like stale fridge. Wah...wah... And, the red port macaroon is also disappointing. Other than macaroons, we also tried the ham and cheese croissant. And, we're glad to say, it was a knock out!

La Maison du Macaron is located at 132 West 23rd Street, near 7th Avenue, (212) 243-2757

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