Friday, July 8, 2011

Highline Popsicles

Earlier this summer, when the second section of the Highline opened, Daniel and I (like most sun-starved New Yorkers) took to the outdoors. The new entrance at 30th Street offers great views of the city (and, at some turns, disturbingly great views inside the adjacent apartments). The Highline is revitalizing the midtown west area, which just a year ago, was a desolate no-man's land. However, this summer, it's a different story. The Highline transformed this area into a bustling adult-playground for sunbathing, sauntering slowly and icy sweets.

At the 30th Street entrance, there's a make-shift beer garden/food court -- featuring the likes of Tom Coliccho -- where locals and tourists coexist peacefully beneath the Highline itself. And, at 14th street, The Standard Bar and Grill still has the food and drinks covered with it's spacious outdoor patio area -- complete with fabulous people watching and ping pong! But, this year, it's supposed to be even better, with the opening of The Standard's Biergarten.

But, what to do whilst in the middle of your Highline adventure? After all, there are 15 whole blocks between Coliccho's Beer Bliss and The Standard Biergarten.

Fortunately, two tasty popsicle vendors: People's Pops and La Newyorkina are ready and waiting!

People's Pops ooze flavor in the best way. Using local Greenmarket favorites like rhubarb and strawberries, this local popsicle maker also offers shaved ice, in addition to the great selection of popsicle flavors. Each bite of the strawberry pop tasted like crushed ripe strawberries. And, the ice tasted like the sweetest, most natural juice. It tasted exactly how you would imagine a perfect frozen strawberry to taste... but, better!

Located a bit north, stands La Newyorkina, which serves Mexican-style popsicles called paletas. Inspired by her Mexican-heritage and recent travels, Chef Fanny Gerson offers zesty flavors like fresh coconut (with real slices of mature coconut), mango-chili, tamarind, cucumber-lime, and hibiscus.

Both People's Pops and La Newyorkina offer different, yet equally tasty takes on frozen sweets. So, I guess, it really just depends on your mood that day. Do you feel like eating locally? Or, do you want to taste the exotic flavors of a far-off land? Or, in our case, why not just enjoy both?

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  1. pops are so IN right now, who would've ever thunk it. La Newyorkina sounds yummy.