Monday, July 11, 2011

Flower Power

Summer in the City sucks!

It's too humid. The subway stations are unbearably hot and stuffy. The streets are filled with tourists. And, worst of all, when the privileged New Yorkers leave the City for the likes of Jones Beach or the Hamptons, I'm left at home with the other bitter Gothamites gawking enviously at pictures on Facebook. Oh, cruel summer... 

But, this season does bring me some happiness. The trees are in full bloom with radiant white, yellow, and pink flowers. The sunshine warms your face as you're strolling down Broadway. And it's finally warm enough to enjoy the produce coming into the City from nearby farms.

At Vosges, there are these tasty truffles that are only available for a limited time during the Spring. However, this year, the chocolatier, Katrina Markoff, decided to extend the (shelf)life of this collection. Now I can enjoy the Les Fleurs chocolates all summer. Hooray!

On top of each delicate truffle sits a flower petal. My favorite truffle from this box is called Platanos y Orchidus. The top is garnished with a piece of orchid. For some reason, orchids hold a special place in my heart to begin with -- maybe it's because for every graduation or celebration I receive a Hawaiian-style lei covered in orchids. So, seeing this truffle decorated with my favorite flower makes it all the more enjoyable.

But, for those not as sentimental, what makes this bit of chocolate so magical is all the flavors that lie within: caramelized bananas, Jamaican rum, vanilla beans, deep milk chocolate. These magical ingredients unveil themselves one by one. Combined, the overall impact is like eating a bite-sized Bananas Foster!

So, while my friends are all piled together at the crowded beaches, I'll be sitting pretty enjoying my Les Fleurs truffles along the flower-laden Highline.

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  1. omg the caramelized banana one is the shitttttttt.