Monday, September 12, 2011

So Shellfish - West Village Lobster Place Closes!

The West Village is losing another valuable seafood purveyor: The Lobster Place.
Sadly, the Bleeker street location shuttered its doors yesterday.
If I'd have known this was going to be my last visit to The Lobster Place, I would've taken more pictures!
Also, I should've taken pictures of the mussels. These oysters were just too beautiful. 

My last memory of the Bleeker street location was last Tuesday, September 6th.
The dreary weather left Daniel and me longing for a warm bowl of mussels. We wanted something that could transport us to our favorite French bistro. Steaming mussels, hot pomme frites, and a nice light beer -- the perfect recluse from the storm.

When I got off the Christopher Street station and meandered down Bleeker, the rain splashed my face as I sped to my location. The shop was empty, especially compared to its sister-store at the Chelsea Market. But, the three gentleman working there that day definitely knew what they were doing. I asked them about the mussels -- which, were already scrubbed and de-bearded! -- then paid less than $5 for more than a pound of mussels. As I left, the fishmonger called out, "Have a great day, beautiful lady." And, although he probably said that to every woman that walked through the door, it was definitely something I needed that day.

Good bye Bleeker Street Lobster Place. I'll miss you.

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