Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Celebrities at Starbucks

Does Alec Baldwin Realize Other People Can See His Tweets?So this is my neighborhood Starbucks!
I see these Barristas every morning. And you know what, they put up with a lot of crap. People are evil before they get their caffeine fix. Plus, since it's right off the 96th Street subway stop, it's always super crowded.
But, Baldwin doesn't lie. I've met Jay. He can be a little bitchy...
Thanks to Tae for this juicy tidbit from NY Mag
Even from Thailand, you're still so plugged in... what a gift!


  1. seriously, it must take a lot of patience to put up with all the crazies in need of a caffeine fix. the next time you see your best friend jay, maybe the both of you and alex baldwin can do a group hug and send some positive energy into the space haha.

  2. and i'm not plugged in, i'm just a loser with no life and a news/blog addiction.