Friday, August 5, 2011

Obsessions: Fideos Negros

This is the beginning of an on-going series called: Obsessions.

I'm a Gemini. So I'm always on the search for my next favorite thing. I think my friend, Maggie Marion, puts it best when she says, "the mind once expanded by a new idea can never regain it's former shape." This is exactly how I feel once I've tried a new ingredient or a new dish.

So, onto my Obsession: The Tangled Vine's Fideos Negros

This often-overlooked Upper West Side gem boasts an intimidating wine menu and a laid back, minimalist decor. But the Mediterranean food is what keeps me coming back. I dream about the Fideos Negros ("black pasta" in Spanish). It's made with angel hair noodles cut perfectly bite-sized. Using squid ink, the chefs dye the pasta black. It's tossed with tender cuttlefish pieces. Then tiny dollops of garlic aioli and fennel frawns top the dish. It's unforgettable.

Chef's Note: Pass on the black truffle arancini. It should be renamed bland truffle arancini. The dish needed salt and a dash more truffle oil.

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