Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Greenmarket Goodies!

Spotted: Husk Tomatoes

Where: Monday morning (approx. 8:15 am on 7/20) @ The Union Square Green Market

Photo Credit: theweblicist.com/.../parks/union-square-park/

Aliases: Cape gooseberry = Chinese lantern = physalis = golden gooseberry = alkekengi = strawberry tomato = ground cherry = husk tomato = golden berry = golden husk = poha

Notes from
"The Cook's Thesaurus": Like its relative the tomatillo, the Cape gooseberry is covered with a papery husk. The fruit inside looks a bit like a yellow cherry, and tastes like a sweet tomato. You can eat Cape gooseberries whole, minus the husk, or use them to make very tasty preserves. They're hard to find in the United States; your best bet is a specialty produce market in the spring.

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  1. seriously, the union square green market on a monday morning before you have to go into the office? you're so good!