Saturday, July 23, 2011

Meet The Meatball Shop's New Pastry Chef

"I spend my whole day baking cookies and spinning ice cream,: says Holly Sachs, Pastry Chef at The Meatball Shop.

May I introduce you all to Holly Sachs, The Meatball Shop's new pastry chef. Armed with her hard-work ethic and Momofuku Milk Bar pedigree, this New York native proves that the sweeter side of the menu is definitely worth the space. 

Today at The Meatball Shop's new Williamsburg location, Daniel and I chatted with Sachs and her sister. It was a nice reunion of Milk Bar alums. (All three of them worked for Milk when it first opened.) The space is three times the size of the Lower East Side space, boasting a long bar at the front. The patina framed pictures are the owner's ancestors. Sachs points towards a photo of a stunning young pin-up, "That's the grandmother of one of the owner's! And the one next to it, that's the owner's father when he was little." The family feel of the new space makes it comfortable for everyone in the neighborhood. And, the relaxed atmosphere also makes it kid-friendly (in the afternoons).

Currently Sachs and one assistant comprise the pastry department. Her cookies and ice cream are a more sophisticated approach towards comfort food favorites. A brownie cookie ice cream sandwich is elevated with mint or espresso ice cream. There's no artificial mint extract used here. "The flavor comes from all the fresh mint leaves," says Sachs. The espresso ice cream is speckled with coffee grounds. 

Sachs' special today is the peaches-n-cream ice cream and the graham cracker cookie. "Next time I'm going to make it more peachy," coos Sachs. But, her cookie is a true winner. The chewy texture adds to the snicker-doodle meets graham cracker flavor. The combination of Sachs' two creations is reminiscent of a peach pie a la mode. A perfect summer treat.

But, Sachs is about to get even busier. There are rumors that The Meatball Shop is opening a third location. If so, then this young baker will be responsible for all three eateries. We can't wait to see what see concocts next!

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